lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Killer Mobile BlackBaller v2.1.2

Killer Mobile BlackBaller v2.1.2

killer Mobile BlackBaller v2.1.2

BlackBaller ™ is a Call & Message Filter (Blacklist), & SMS Auto Responder for all Symbian Series 60 & Windows Mobile Devices. Think of BlackBaller as the AntiSpam solution for S60 & Windows Mobile devices.

As only Killer Mobile could, BlackBaller combines the must have features of a Blacklist application, with the convenience of a call filter (whitelist) and toss in a couple of never before seen features for good measure. “Have you been Blackballed?”

Instantly rejects Calls, SMS and MMS messages

Supports Blacklists and Whitelists

The easist most user friendly app around - true Killer Mobile style

Smart Reject Sensor ™lets you add blocked callers on the fly!

Tight integration with contacts

Real “Run in Background” mode

Complete log off all blocked Calls and Messages

Optional SMS Auto Reply

Install to your internal device memory for optimal performance

100% compatible with the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music runnng on S60 5th.


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