lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

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Bluetooth | Operator Logo | Zipman | Applications

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Only a couple of days back the biggest and most expensive experiment in relation to physics took place in Geneva, Switzerland. If you are a human and reading this then you surely know by now what I am talking about right? The Large Hadron Collider took twenty years to build, $10 billion of upfront cost to make the whole thing with over $150 million per year for electricity consumption, 17 miles of an unbreakable titanium tunnel joined together to form a complete circle.

What are they exactly doing? They are recreating a mini version of the Big Bang that apparently took place around 13 billion years ago and resulted in creation of the universe by particles colliding with each other at light speed and at a temperature which is 10 thousand degrees hotter than the sun, not your daily Sahara Desert eh?


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