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K200i Sonyericsson

K200i Sonyericsson

utilidades mentira SonyEricsson K200i USBDiver

Este es un movil que no tiene conectividad con el PC mediante cable USB, la conectividad que tiene es mediante infrarrojo la cual es complicada ya que si tu PC no tiene infrarrojo como la mayoría deberás gastar plata en un dispositivo infrarrojo para tu PC para pasar las fotos. No soporta java ni video ni mp3.solo *imágenes*Música (Polifónica).mid. Saca fotos buenas cuando hay luz. En si en un teléfono bueno.


Pueden vajar canciones MIDI Hay muchas canciones en facil denscargan la cancion midi en internet se la pasan a un calular con IR (DE UN CONOCIDO _O AMIGO) y de ese se la pasan a su k200i

LUGARES DONDE DESCARGAR MUSICA MIDI PAR TU K200i: de esta descargue la musica del mario bros y l


MIDIs will play in most sound and media programs with no problems. However if you want to play NSF, GBS, and SPC files you"ll need a get a free plug-in for WinAMP. Here is a good list of WinAMP plug-ins for these emulated sound file formats.

Donkey Kong Country

Track Name

DK Jamz soundtrack 199KB

dkc_ost_spc.rar 119KB


Simian Segue

DK Island Swing

Cranky"s Theme

Jungle Groove

CD soundtrack remix, not used in the game

Cave Dweller Concert

Bonus Room Blitz

Aquatic Ambiance

Candy"s Love Song

Bad Boss Boogie

Mine Cart Madness

Life in the Mines

Voices of the Temple

Forest Frenzy

Treetop Rock

Funky"s Fugue

Misty"s Menace

Northern Hemispheres

Ice Cave Chant

Fear Factory

Gang-Plank Galleon

K. Rool"s Cacophony

The Credits Concerto

Donkey Kong Country 2

Track Name Location in game

soundtrack 291KB

dkc2_spc.rar 671KB

K. Rool Returns Title Theme

Welcome to Crocodile Isle Map Screen

Klomp"s Romp Pirate Panic

Lockjaw"s Saga Lockjaw"s Locker

Jib Jig Mainbrace Mayhem

Swanky Swing Swanky"s Bonus Bonanza

Snakey Chantey Rattle Battle

Bayou Boogie Barrel Bayou

School House Harmony Wrinky"s Theme

Forest Interlude Web Woods

Funky the Main Monkey Funky"s Theme

Flight of the Zinger Hornet Hole

Cranky"s Conga Cranky"s Theme

Hot-Heap Bop Hot-Head Hop

Run, Rambi! Run! Parrot Chute Panic

Token Tango Bonus Level

Stickerbush Symphony Bramble Blast

Bad Bird Rag Screech"s Sprint

Disco Train Target Terror

Boss Bossanova Boss Tune

Steel Drum Rhumba Option Screen

Krook"s March Chain Link Chamber

Klubba"s Reveille Klubba"s Kiosk

Haunted Chase Haunted Hall

In a Snow-Bound Land Clapper"s Cavern

Lost World Anthem The Lost World

Primal Rave Animal Antics

Crocodile Cacophony K. Rool"s Theme

Donkey Kong Rescued Credits Roll

NOTE:The CD soundtrack is missing the cave music, used in Windy Well and Kannon"s Klaim.

Donkey Kong Country 3

Track Name

soundtrack 83KB

dkc3_spc.rar 299KB

Dixie Beat

Crazy calypso

Northern Kremisphere

Hangin" at Funky"s

Wrinkly"s Save Cave

Get Fit A-Go-Go

Wrinkly 64

Brothers Bear

Sub-Map Shuffle

Swanky"s Sideshow

Cranky"s Showdown

Bonus Time

Stilt Village

Mill Fever

Jangle Bells

Frosty Frolics

Treetop Trouble

Enchanted Riverbank

Hot Pursuit

Water World

Nuts and Bolts

Pokey Pipes

Rockface Rumble

Jungle Jitter

Cavern Caprice

Rocket Run

Boss Boogie

Crystal Chasm

Kremetoa Koncerto

Big Boss Blues

Mama Bird


Baddies on Parade

Game Over

Game MIDI files Emulated sound files

Donkey Kong (NES) 9KB 2KB

Donkey Kong Jr (NES) 2KB

Donkey Kong 3 NES) 2KB

Donkey Kong 94 30KB

Donkey Kong Land 122KB 22KB

Donkey Kong Land 2 12KB

Donkey Kong Land 3 19KB

Donkey Kong 64 459KB

Do the Donkey Kong

by Buckner & Garcia

The 70"s had Disco Duck, the 80"s had Pac-Man Fever, the 90"s had Barbie Girl. So what about the 00"s? Who knows... The Pac-Man Fever album had 8 songs about old video games (arcades really) including "Do the Donkey Kong".

Do the Donkey Kong

Wave your hands in the air, stomp your feet on the ground,

Climb up a ladder quickly and spin yourself around.

Open the umbrella up and answer the phone,

You can do it with a partner, you can do it all alone.

Scale up the walls, how high can you go?

You"ll surely break her heart, if you get up there too slow.

Pound upon your chest and take an elevator ride.

You get up at the top and then you look from side to side.


Come on, come on!

Come on, Come on!

Do the Donkey Kong!

Do the Donkey Kong!

Come on, come on!

Come on, Come on!

Do the Donkey Kong!

Do the Donkey Kong!

Tiptoe through the tulips and then raise your hands up high!

There"s a fire down below and you don"t want to catch his eye.

Hide behind a each other and don"t even make a sound.

You"re in trouble now take the elevator down.

Jump over all the barrels and then let out a little scream.

Duck underneath the pies made of coconut cream.

You pick the hammer up and them you put the fire out.

Now we think you know what Donkey Kong is all about.

Chorus x3

Donkey Kong 12" LP by ?


NOT to be confused with Do the Donkey Kong, this album was made for kids and sounds like it. Songs include:

Donkey Kong Theme

No More Zoo For You

The Climber

On Top of the World

Jump Up

Mario Delivers

Donkey Kong (Reprise)


Here are some samples from both soundtracks (they are not the full tracks).

Donkey Kong country


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